Friday, June 29, 2007

Thank You, Thank You

I just read the news. I am the winner of the Trekking xxl yarn from Knitter boy I can't wait to get it.So thank you Knitter Boy!

In other news...

There is a baby that needed socks, so I put that Saucy Sock on hold until I get a few pairs knitted up.

Ami took in her niece. Ami's sister is a crackhead and so is her boyfriend. Ami's sister is also in the hospital 6 months pregnant and has to stay there because she was going into pre-term labor. So Ami went to Chicago to rescue both her niece and nephew, but the boyfriend wouldn't let her leave with the little boy. She called childrens services there and they told her they have already been to investigate and they can't take the time to go over there. ( What a crock of shit!) So this little baby hardly has any clothes because her parents smoke all the money away. She has and ear infection, a diaper rash from hell, and is in poor health. So I'm going to knit up a few pairs of socks to help save Ami some money.

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