Friday, June 15, 2007

Morning Wake up Call

It seems that Makayla woke up at 5am and made a little phone call. I had know idea that she even made a call, until I got a call just a few minutes ago. I guess she called one of her classmates to see how he was doing. Well his Mom was really cool about it. She even said " I don't want to get Makayla in trouble, but she called Tyler at like 5 in the morning."

This isn't the first time she has tried to call her friends or even Maw Maw in the wee hours of the morning. Since we are moving, I told her that she could call her friends later TODAY to tell them her new address and phone number. Well I guess she thought since she went to sleep and woke up, TODAY was 5 in the morning. So once again, I had to explain to her not to call anyone if I'm not awake.

I think I might just have to take the phone with me to bed from now on. I am glad I haven't taught her what 911 is yet. Because God knows she would call them to see how they are doing.

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