Monday, May 14, 2007

Just a Little Song and Dance

This morning was great! After I took James to work, I was getting the girls' breakfast ready. Well, Makayla decided to break out with a little Broadway Show for some reason. She was singing a song she learned in school about lollipops. Not only was she singing it very loud she was doing some sort of Broadway dance with it to. I have no clue where she learned how to dance like that. I was in the middle of pouring milk for their cereal, when I turned around and saw her little jig. I was laughing soo hard, I almost dropped the cereal on the floor. This is not even the highlight of my morning, it gets better.

Well I was picking up clothes and toys in the living room when I saw the Jehovah Witnesses coming. I don't have any thing against other religions, but come on. They always want to talk to you when you are busy, or try and tell you that your religion is not the " true path to God's kingdom". James usually handles this stuff for me, since both of his parents are preachers. So he knows the bible inside and out. He can recite any verse on command. The last time the Jehovah people came, he invited them in and was really nice. He listened to everything they had to say. After they were done, he got out his mega preachers bible and told them every thing they said was wrong. He quoted every verse they said to him and told them how they were wrong. They get up to leave and he follows them down the street still preaching to them. I wish I had video taped it, because it was that funny! These poor people were running away from James. He even followed them next door to the neighbor's house to continue his little lesson to them.

Anyways, I saw these people coming so I thought of a new way to make these people go away. I messed up my hair really good. I got the girls all hyper and crazy. Then I took my shirt off, bra and all. I waited for them to knock a few times then I answered the door, topless.

I said, " WHAT!"

They looked at me and they had the horrifying look of surprise on their faces. I just stood there and waited for them to go on with what they were going to say. They didn't say much but " I am soo sorry ma'am I can see that you have your hands full right now. Sorry to have bothered you."

So I say." Nope, I'm not busy at all I have a few minutes to talk."

They say they are sorry and then they leave. I am trying to come up with more creative ideas for when they come to the door trying to knock my religion. So far I think this is my most creative. Well what do you expect at 8 o'clock in the morning on Monday?

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