Thursday, May 03, 2007

Almost Done

I have finished two little things for the girls. Now I'm working on the one for my Secret Pal. These things are soo cute! I think I'm going to make one for my Mom and Step-Sister. I need to go get some blue yarn. I thought I had some in my stash, but I think James used it for something. He likes to steal my yarn and do things with it in the garage. Last time he stole some yarn, he took my favorite sock yarn. Oh he about got killed for that one. So I have to go to the store again and get some blue yarn.

I just spent my morning fighting with old people in the store. I had to get food for the week. So with two little kids asking for this and that, I had to deal with slow old people. They have to look at every little thing. Then they keep their carts in the middle of the damn isle. So I have to yell "excuse me" so they can hear me. Then I always get in the slow check out line. It is always an event to go shopping. That's why I usually go at 3 in the morning, because nobody is awake. But I needed something for dinner tonight.

Well I'm off to finish the little do-da for my Secret Pal.

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