Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I Went Shopping!

I stopped at the LYS today. I bought some more yarn to make more socks. I like that little store, but I wish it had more of a selection. When I say little, I mean this store can't be any more than 20 feet by 20 feet. Plus they have this big ass table in the middle of the store where people can sit and knit. So to see some of the yarn, you have to squeeze around chairs and some displays. I would like to find another LYS around here, but the pick 'ens are slim.

This store has one side all wool. This wall is about 8 feet high of wool yarn. I am not a big wool fan. I like some wool yarns, well wool blends. I like the wool alpaca blends, the wool silk blends and some wool cotton blends. I am more of cotton blend type a knitter. Plus most cotton yarns are machine washable. I know some wool blends are to, but I don't like the itchiness of wool.

I did do a little looking and there is another store in Cincinnati. But Cincinnati is like an hour away. There are a few yarn stores in Dayton, but they suck. There is one store I haven't been to. I might go there this weekend and check it out. All the other stores are as small as the LYS I go to. Then there are the sales people who follow you around and try and "help" you. That gets on my nerves. I need time to feel the yarn, look at they yarn and think about what I can make with it. I don't need some up your ass sales lady trying to talk to me and ask " well what are you planning on making?"

I would like to say " I don't fucking know lady! I just want time to see what ya got and then I will decide what I am going to buy. Until then leave me the hell alone." But I don't so I don't get kicked out of the yarn store. Or even be banned for life.

I am really starting to hate the Dayton area more and more. The yarn stores suck. There aren't to many interesting stores to shop in, but the main chain stores. There aren't many good restaurants. The radio stations really suck. There are hardly any good jobs around. The traffic is getting worse every day.

Well I'm off to look up any other yarn stores I missed.

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