Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Ok Here is all the Updates

Al right, I am finally able to sit down and write all the things that have been going on. Where do I start at?

OK, let's start with Makayla's birthday. I had her birthday party at Burger King. She had a few friends from her class come. I also invited "mother" and her kids. I told this woman the week before, and the day of to remind her. I told her the time and the place. Well I was running around getting all the last minute things together, and I called to remind her once again. She was supposed to tell " the best father-in-law in the world" but I guess she told him that it was at McDonald's. Since I do not have a cell phone, I could not to it myself. So I was counting on her to call him. Well as it turns out, he and the kids sat at McDonald's for 3 hours. "Mother" called my step sisters, boyfriends mom (they are friends, i.e Lamar's mother; I'll get to that part later) to find out where the party was at. So at 7 o'clock she runs into Burger King and comes right in my face and yells at me! Oh My God!!!! If all those kids and some parents were not there, that little woman would have had a mouth full of the floor! She yelled at me about how I said that the party was at McDonald's, and I told her wrong because I didn't want her and her kids there, blah, blah, blah. I yelled back that I told her Burger King at least 8 times with in a week and it wasn't my fault that she was an idiot. ( At this point I was glad that the party was almost over and most of the parents have gone home.) I was so proud of James, the little mama's boy actually stood up to his mother. He took her outside and I told the rest of the parents that I was sorry for what had happened. Luckily they all understood how mother-in-laws are. I think they felt sorry for who my mother-in-law was. She has this voice that sounds like nails on a chalk board. You know your voice is bad, when your husband has to ware ear plugs all the time. Oh I'm not kidding, I feel bad that Mark has to ware them all the time. Any ways, I guess James worked out that after the party, we were going to their house so the kids can see Makayla and have a little party for her. I had to run and pick up Makayla's prescription before I went there. I got there a little after 8 o'clock. When I got there I stood at the front door. I was not about to talk to the banshee. I was soo mad at that woman, I probable would have knocked the snot out of her. Then she got mad at me once again, because I wouldn't come all the way into the house. So I told her, it was safer for her that I stay where I was at. My sister-in-law comes in and I tell her what happened. She got mad and I guess Mark heard what had happened to. So now, there are four adults really mad at "mother." So to end this part there was a lot of yelling and screaming towards her and I wasn't the one being yelled at.

OK, now to the part about the step sisters boyfriends mom. "Mother" and Lamar's mom have been friends for over 30 years. So James and Lamar have grown up together. Now Jenny has moved back from New Jersey. She meets Lamar, and Bam, now they are a couple. Since "mother" knew this ,she calls her friend, to call my step sister, to see where the birthday party was at. I know it is a little confusing but now you get the point.

Now that we are all up to speed, the hole in my wall now has an entertainment center in it. It looks really nice. James has put new carpet in Makayla's room and we have one again painted it for the 100Th time. I have a new floor in my bathroom, and I am going to paint in there today. Then this weekend, I will have a new floor in my kitchen and I will paint that room also.( I am the master painter now, since James does a half asses job and leaves drip marks and paint on everything. ) When we get income tax back, I will have the rest of my kitchen cabinets put in. So I will have a complete kitchen. We are slowly getting the house to look more modern and not from the 70's.

A few nights ago, the cat come home missing part of his ear. We just figured that he got into a cat fight. Well last night he comes home missing a toe! But it is one of his inside toes. Now we think some one is hurting our cat. It is going to be hard to make him an inside cat. But whatever it takes we are going to have to do. Because I don't want to have to go look for another cat for Makayla.

Al right all of that should cover most of my missing posts. I have also been knitting away. I am still trying to finish a lot of things. I do know today I am really going to send out my last package for my SP. I have a to do list today, and it isn't very long. But sending out that package is number 3 on the list. So don't worry SP I have a lot of goodies ready for you.

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