Sunday, April 02, 2006

Ahh, nice and quiet

Finally he has gone back to his own personal hell. Now I can have some quiet time, to get my sanity back. After the weeks he has spent here, I have had my fill of dad. So now my house is back to normal, and things can go back to what they used to be. As soon as he left, it was like the plague was lifted from the house. The kids started to being their usual selves. Now Bryanna is more than willing to go to the potty with little problems. James has even stopped being a know it all. As he put it, he has seen the error of his ways. Thanks to dad, a lot of people who came in contact with him have changed. Jonsey down the street, even slowed down on his drinking. So it is true that one person can have an affect on your life. I know that my tolerance towards ignorant people has gotten a bit longer.

But he still is a evil entity. I don't know why God made him that way, but all I know is that this is what makes our lives a challenge. His soul is an angry one and will continue to wreak havoc. I just hope he finds peace some how with out bringing anyone else down with him. But I know that will never happen.

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